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.. Education Development Plan (EDP)

An Education Development Plan (EDP) documents an ongoing process in which a learner identifies both career goals and a plan of action to achieve them.  The purpose of the EDP is to provide every student with a periodically updated and ongoing record of career planning that will guide in taking effective steps to enter a career of choice. Each student develops a first EDP in middle school, stating an initial career goal and desired work and educational experiences.  School counselors verify that EDPs reflect an individual career decision-making process based on career exploration, career assessment information, school performance, and expressed interests.   School counselors also facilitate selection and enrollment into general courses and into specialized education and training related to the career pathway of choice indicated in the EDP.  Community colleges provide the opportunity to continue this planning process through EDP development.

Education Development Plan Standard and Benchmarks

The participating education agency board of education or designee will have adopted for use in the district an Education Development Plan (EDP) to document student educational and career plans that encompasses the following six basic EDP elements approved by the Michigan Department of Career Development as part of the Career Preparation System:
  1. personal information
  2. career pathway goals
  3. educational/training goals
  4. career assessment results
  5. plan of action, and
  6. parent/family consultation and endorsement (under age 18).

  • The local board of education or designee has adopted Education Development Plans (EDP) that meet the state standard.
  • Ensures that all middle school and high school buildings within the district utilize the Education Development Plan document and process adopted by the district as evidenced by student records in each building.
  • Ensures that all students are engaged in developing initial EDPs before leaving the 8th grade level as evidenced by student records.
  • Ensures that all high school students review and have opportunities to revise or update their EDPs at least annually to reflect changes in career decisions for use in selecting courses and in choosing post-secondary options as evidenced by guidance/counseling plans and student records.