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What are Career Pathways?

This is the mainstay of the Career Preparation System.
Career Pathways are six broad groupings of careers that share similar characteristics and whose employment requirements call for many common interests, strengths and competencies.

Why Create Career Pathways Schools?

A Career Pathways school district or building is one that has adopted a Career Pathway structure for organizing teaching and learning.
Integrating Career Pathways into the school curriculum improves:
  • Student retention
  • Student attendance
  • Student achievement
  • Student career decision making
  • Student career goal attainment
  • The local board of education or designee has adopted the six Career Pathways or an equivalent alternative that meets the state standard.
  • Ensures that all school buildings within the district utilize the Career Pathways concept adopted by the district as evidenced by their curriculum plans/guides.
  • Ensures that all students will have opportunities to learn about careers within all pathways as evidenced by curriculum plans/guides.
  • Ensures that the Career Pathways are used as a framework for:
    1. organizing career contextual teaching/learning experiences as evidenced in curriculum plans used by staff.
    2. providing systematic career planning and preparation as evidenced by Career Pathway use in the district's counseling and guidance program, Education Development Plans, career awareness/exploration activities, and work-based learning.
    3. aligning high school courses into the chosen Career Pathways to reflect which courses are needed for preparing for careers as evidenced in documents such as student handbooks and course selection guides.